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dc lottery android app

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Operating System: Android
Current Version: 1.0
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App Description

The District of Columbia is home to a wide range of lottery games and the DC Lottery app is the best way to get the latest results straight to your Android device.

The app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store, giving you instant access to winning numbers for all the games from the nation’s capital. There’s Lucky for Life, DC 2, DC 3, DC 4 and DC 5, as well as Mega Millions and Powerball.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can set the home screen to only show the lotteries you want. You can also enable notifications and personalize them for your tastes. For example, it may be that you want to be alerted whenever the latest results are available or even get notified when the jackpot for your favorite game has exceeded a certain amount. 

The results are displayed on the home screen as soon as you open the app on your smartphone or tablet. The winning numbers appear straight after draws have taken place, with more details quickly following. This extra information includes the number of winners, prize payouts and how to claim.

If you’re eager to find a previous result, you can use the app’s archives to delve back in time. Just a couple of quick taps and you can be browsing through the winning numbers from years ago. 

The app has been created with a lottery player’s interests in mind, making it as easy as possible to discover if you are a winner. To that end, the Ticket Checker is one of the most useful features as it allows you to enter the numbers you have played and compares them to the official results for you.

You can perform a quick check if you have just entered a line or two, or even add tickets to the app. This is perfect if you regularly play the same numbers or submit multiple entries, as your numbers will then be saved for future reference. The app will show you whether your numbers have won any prizes and reveal the value of any awards you have won. 

To help you choose numbers for future draws, there is also a handy Number Generator, which will produce random numbers with one touch. You can then save these numbers, generate some more if you prefer or view a history of other lines that you have generated so you can pick your favorite.

The app also helps you to find out lots more information about playing lotteries in the District of Columbia, such as how to play games and all the relevant statistics. Exploring which numbers are the most common, least common and most overdue could help you decide which numbers to pick next time.

The main features of the Android app for the DC Lottery are as follows:

> Results for all DC Lottery games 
> Archives of winning numbers which go back years
> Home screen and notifications that can be customized to your favorite games
> A Ticket Checker which can be used to save your numbers
> Number Generator to produce random lines for future draws
> Statistics showing most common and least common numbers

Material Copyright © The Lottery Company. Disclaimer: This Application is provided free of charge on an "as is" basis and you should not assume it is completely error-free despite our best efforts. This Application is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the DC Lottery.


This DC Lottery Results Android app review was updated in March 2020.

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