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Operating System: Android
Current Version: 1.0
Download Size: 8.1MB
Language: English
Cost: FREE
Content Rating: Medium Maturity

App Description

Ireland offers an exciting package of lottery games which are popular on both sides of the Irish Sea, and this Android app is perfect for anyone who enjoys Lotto, EuroMillions, Daily Million, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 or Telly Bingo.

You can download it for free to your smartphone or tablet and have it all ready to use within a matter of seconds. The latest results will then be delivered to your device straight after every draw, so you just need to open the app and you will see them right there on the home screen.

The app does far more than display the winning numbers. The draw details show you a full prize breakdown, while you can delve back in time as far as you want to get historic results. The past few results are one tap away, while the winning numbers for previous years are stored in a comprehensive set of archives.

One of the app’s finest features is the Checker, which can be used a couple of ways depending on your needs. If you want to perform a quick check, select the numbers you played and the app will instantly bring up a list of results and show you any winning matches.

You can also save tickets to the Checker so that you don’t have to select your numbers every time you want to use it – ideal if you regularly play the same lines or play in a syndicate and have a few to check.

The Number Generator gives you a quick way to pick numbers for the next draw. They will be completely random so you can keep generating if you don’t fancy the first ones that are produced, or you can save them to the Checker if you do.

To take part in a game such as Lotto or EuroMillions, tap one of the ‘Choose Numbers’ buttons. You can then pick your numbers and add your bets to the cart. You will just need to set up an online account so that you can complete the purchase of your entries.

The app will only show the lotteries you are keen on, so you can adjust your settings at any time to select your games and rank them in the order they will appear. You can also set up notifications so you are automatically alerted about results as soon as they are available or special events when they are announced.

If you download the app, you will find the following features:

- Irish lottery results updated straight after draws
- An archive of all previous winning numbers
- Checker which will store your favourite numbers
- Number Generator to create random lines
- Notifications to send you relevant alerts

This Irish Lotto Android app review was updated in July 2020.

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