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new york lottery android app

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Operating System: Android
Current Version: 2.0
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Language: English
Cost: FREE
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This free New York Lottery app for Android will provide you with lots of useful features and information for playing NY Lotto, Win 4, Pick 10, or any of the other games available in The Empire State. 

First and foremost, the app gives you the latest winning numbers for all of the lotteries played in the state, whether that’s New York’s own games or multi-state favorites like Mega Millions and Powerball. The results are verified and added to the app straight after every draw, so you can be among the first to find out what prizes have been won.

When you first open the app you’ll get to set which lottery results appear on the home screen. Whether you play one New York Lottery game or all of them, you can set up the app to show all the numbers you need to see. Every time you launch the app thereafter, you will be greeted with up-to-date results for each game you chose to display.

Furthermore, you no longer need to remember the specific draw times for each game as you can set the app to send you notifications when the latest results are available. The notifications are fully customizable, so you can choose which lotteries to receive alerts for, and if you play on specific days, you can set them up to match. You can also receive notifications when jackpots grow to a certain level or roll over a set number of times, get reminders to buy tickets, and hear about upcoming special events.

Once you have your ticket, add your numbers to the Ticket Checker to find out if you’ve won in an instant after every draw. Once you’ve added a ticket it will be visible right there in the checker alongside the numbers from recent draws, so it only takes a glance to find out if you won. If you don’t have a regular set of numbers to save you can perform a quick check to find out how you did.

If you are the type of player who prefers to play random numbers, you can use the app’s Number Generator to create random lines to play with. Generate as many lines as you wish and then once you’ve got some numbers you like, play them in upcoming draws.

Finally, the app gives you all the information and statistical analysis you will need to play any New York Lottery game with confidence. You can learn how to claim prizes or look into the patterns from past draws, including the most commonly drawn numbers and those that have not been seen for a while.

Here’s a rundown of the features available in the free New York Lotto app for Android: 

> Winning numbers for all New York Lottery games
> Results archives for each featured game
> Ticket Checker
> Random Number Generator
> Fully customizable notifications
> Detailed statistics for each lottery
> Access to a wealth of help, how-to guides, and supporting information

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This NY Lottery Results Android app review was updated in March 2020.

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