Lottery Apps

Find detailed reviews of the world's most popular lottery apps, covering giant games such as Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions. There are also smaller state-level and individual country games to choose from.

Each app featured on has been meticulously tested by industry experts, so you can trust the ratings displayed for each one.

iOS and Android Lottery Apps

The top lottery apps on both iOS and Android devices are listed. If there are any instances where an app differs between devices, this will clearly be stated.

App Features

Latest Results

Each app has been checked and verified to confirm that they display the latest winning numbers in a fast and timely manner.

Ticket Checkers

All apps listed on have a comprehensive ticket checking facility included, a useful feature for players.

Random Number Generators

A functional number generator is useful for any lottery player around the world, essentially creating unlimited quick pick combinations.

Historical Archives

One of the most sought after features in any lottery app is the ability to take a look through older draws and see detailed prize information.

How the Apps Are Reviewed

Each time a new lottery app is released, one or more reviewers from the LotteryApps team conduct a full review and stress test of that app.

This includes downloading the app on multiple devices across different operating systems to ensure that the apps have the same offering and functionality.

For apps that feature multiple lottery games, the offering for each game is put to the test, including notifications, ease of use and accuracy.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings from the relevant application store (App Store and Google Play) are featured on the specific pages for each app. These are user generated ratings and reflect a wide range of devices and preferences.

If the ratings increase or decrease for a specific app in a major way, the reviewers at will re-assess that app and provide any necessary updates.