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The EuroMillions Results app from is your one stop location for Europe's biggest lottery. The app has been built with the user in mind and comfortably covers all aspects of the game from each of the EuroMillions countries.

The latest winning numbers are pushed out to the app within seconds of the results being confirmed, making it one of the fastest apps out there to let you know if you've won.

It's not just the results that come through quick - the raffle draws and supplementary games are all included, complete with prize payout information.

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EuroMillions Results (iOS & Android)

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  • Available on iOS
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  • Rated 4* or Above
  • Multilingual Options
  • QR Scanner

App Overview

The overall feel of the EuroMillions Results app is high quality with a specific focus on functionality for the user. Not only can you get the latest results for the main game and all additional draws, but you view historical results for the last six months at the tap of a button.

The ticket checker and QR scanner allows you to store multiple lines of numbers (a very useful feature for syndicate managers) and have them automatically checked when a new result is released. No more checking through each line one at a time!

Not sure which numbers to pick? Head over to the Number Generator within the menu to get a random combination at any time. If you have multiple games selected (such as EuroMillions Plus, Swiss Second Chance, etc.), you can also generate numbers for these games using the sliding navigation at the top of the screen.

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App User Reviews

Great for checking results

The latest update to this app is great, it’s now really easy to check if I’ve won with the ticket scanner. The notifications are also a plus for remembering to check the results

Love the new version of the App

I’ve used this App for years and it’s much easier to use after the latest update. The ticket scanner is a welcome addition especially for checking the syndicate’s tickets so I give it an easy 5*

Recent Android Review

It's great for multi line checking the auto switch from one box to the next, makes it fairly quick and simple to follow in order to review, and edit your numbers if necessary.

Multilingual Options

One of the great features of the Results app is that it is available in a wide range of languages. The languages cover all participating EuroMillions countries, as well as some other widely spoken languages:

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

In addition to the languages throughout the App, you can also get language-specific 'Event' alerts, these tend to occur when a Superdraw is taking place or the jackpot has reached its cap.


There is a good choice of customisable notifications in the EuroMillions app, allowing you to set your own alerts with different parameters.

Latest Results

The most useful notifications for any lottery app, the Results notifications can be switched on for the Tuesday draw, Friday draw, or both.

Jackpot Amount

Set your own notifications to appear when the jackpot reaches a certain level - particularly handy if you tend to play when the jackpot is big!

Rollover Count

Ranging from 0 to 15+, you can have notifications appear after each draw depending on whether or not it has rolled over.

Scan icon

QR Scanner

If you're playing from Spain or the United Kingdom, the developers of this app have created a handy QR ticket scanner. At this time, the QR scanner is not available for the remaining EuroMillions countries.


User-Friendly Results Screen

Customisable results can be added via the menu for each country

Screenshot of the EuroMillions App home screen

Random Number Generator

Generate numbers for the main game as many times as you wish

Screenshot of the EuroMillions App generator screen

Additional Games Available

Extra games from each country are also available in the app

Screenshot of the EuroMillions App additional games