Georgia Lottery Results App

The Georgia Lottery Results App provides a one-stop location for all the winning numbers, information and tools that a lottery player in the Peach State could want. It has clearly been developed by a team that puts its users first, as it takes the minimum of effort to find all these great features.

No matter what game you’ve played in Georgia, the app delivers the latest results right away. Whether you’re looking for the Jumbo Bucks Lotto numbers or you want to see what’s happened in Cash 3 or Cash 4, one tap on your smartphone will give you the results.

You can find detailed prize breakdowns for many of the games, archives for older results, and a handy Ticket Checker to help you discover if you have won. There’s also a Number Generator and the facility to set up personalised notifications.

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App Overview

When you first open the app, you’ll get the opportunity to select your lotteries from all the games that are available in Georgia. The latest results from your chosen lotteries will then be displayed on the home screen. It’s a simple format, but exactly what you would want as a player.

The extra features can be unlocked with another touch or two from the menu. The Ticket Checker allows you to select the numbers you played (and save them for future use if desired), so the app can calculate for you whether you have won. The Number Generator is similarly effectively, allowing you to produce random sets of numbers for any of the major lotteries – Jumbo Bucks Lotto, Fantasy 5, Cash4Life, Mega Millions or Powerball.

You can also find comprehensive statistics, information about how to claim and much more, and what really stands out is the level of detail. There’s data for every draw that you would not find on most lottery apps. Georgia Results App iOS QR Code

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App User Reviews

Android Review

So far so good. This app delivers. No delays or problems and it pulls up all results rather quickly.

Android Review

Very easy to use and I like that I can choose what results I want and the order I want to see them in 👍

Android Review

Just downloaded this app, needed an update on some old numbers; and it updated with no problems. Real simple app to use.

Results For GA Draw Games

The Georgia Lottery offers a combination of big jackpot games and rapid-fire state games which are drawn several times a day. Here’s a full list of all the lottery results you can find on the app:

  • Jumbo Bucks Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Cash 4 Life
  • Fantasy 5
  • Cash 3 Midday
  • Cash 3 Evening
  • Cash 3 Night
  • Cash 4 Midday
  • Cash 4 Evening
  • Cash 4 Night
  • Georgia 5 Midday
  • Georgia 5 Evening
  • Cash Pop

If you don’t play all the games, all you need to do is go into the Settings and select which ones you want to appear. You can also alter the order they will be displayed by dragging a game up or down the list.


Everyone plays lotteries differently, and the Georgia Lottery Results app lets you customise it to fit your tastes. As long as you have notifications enabled, you can get a variety of different alerts. These are only available for Jumbo Bucks Lotto, Fantasy 5, and the multi-state games Cash4Life, Mega Millions and Powerball.

Latest Results

You don’t even need to check the latest results if you set up the app to get notified when the winning numbers and prize breakdowns are announced. For each of your selected lotteries, you can choose which draw days you want alerts for.

Jackpots and Rollovers

The app allows you to select a jackpot amount for when you would like to receive notifications, which is great if you only want to play the biggest draws. You can also get notified when the jackpot has rolled over the number of times that you have specified.

Special Events

If you just want to get alerts for the biggest events, such as record-breaking jackpots or special promotions, select this notification to make sure you never miss out.


Multi-Game Home Screen

View state-specific games as well as national games all in one place

Screenshot of the Georgia Lottery Results App home screen

Detailed Prize Payouts

See the number of winners and the confirmed prize amounts for each game

Screenshot of the Georgia Lottery Results App prizes screen

Check Tickets Easily

Simply choose your game, enter your numbers and see the outcomes

Screenshot of the Georgia Lottery Results App additional games