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With the "India Lottery Results" app available on both iOS and Android devices, you're never far away from your favourite Indian lottery games. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to access results for all major games such as the 'Dear Lottery' series, Sambad and Kerala.

The addition of a Checker facility also makes it easy for both newcomers and those that have been playing lotteries for many years. If you've played Lotto India or one of the international games available within the App, simply head to the Checker to enter your numbers and see if you've won a prize. It couldn't be easier!

As there are frequent additions to the available lotteries in India, the developers have added a link from the home screen that will allow you to see an overview of all currently available games at any time.

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India Lottery Results (iOS & Android)

Results for Indian Lotteries

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  • Rated 4* or Above
  • Raffle-style games included

App Overview

With a clean and modern design, the India Lottery Results app clearly displays the latest results for all the games featured. Whether it's a raffle-style results such as with the Kerala State lotteries, or the traditional ball-style result for games like Powerball, you can easily view them at any time.

The app itself is regularly maintained and kept up to date with the latest game offerings. What's more you also get the added benefit of being notified of any big international lottery draws that are available to play from India!

Also available within the App for the first time is Lotto India, the new online-only game available to Indians worldwide that has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of ₹4 Crore every Tuesday and Friday. Sign up and play or check the results from within the app in just a couple of taps. Results App iOS QR Code

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App User Reviews

Love this app!

It is a great app for checking the India lottery results, especially the notification feature which is very useful.

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Available Games

The App features a mixture of different Indian lottery games, from the draw-style Lotto India to the fan favourites such as Kerala State and the various Dear Lottery games.

The full list of games included are:

  • Lotto India
  • Kerala State Lotteries
  • Sambad Lotteries
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • EuroMillions

All users are able to see special promotions, too. These often come when there have been big jackpot announcements or special draws are due to take place throughout the calendar year.


Notifications can be set for a number of different variables, depending on the game you are setting the alerts for and the days you wish to be notified.

Latest Results

For each of the games in the app, you can activate Results notifications. These can be complete, or they can be partial and only activate on certain days.

Jackpot Amount

The jackpot alert notifications are currently only available for international lotteries such as Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions, which each have their own rolling jackpots.

Rollover Count

Following on the trend of the Jackpot notifications, the Rollover count notifications are also only available for the rolling-jackpot international lotteries at this time.


All Games in One Place

Decide which games you want to see on the home screen and the order you wish to see them

Screenshot of the App home screen

Prize Payout Tables

Where eligible, each lottery comes complete with prize payout details for each draw

Screenshot of the Payouts screen

Automatic Ticket Checker

Save your numbers into the Checker to see automatically if you've won a prize

Screenshot of the App checker