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Stay up to date with the winning numbers for all your favorite New York Lottery games, including NY Lotto, Win 4, Take 5 and Pick 10, as well as the results for multi-state games such as Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash 4 Life. The features included in this app make it the only one any lottery player in New York needs.

You can save your chosen ticket numbers for any of the games featured, which is great if you play in a group. There's also a helpful Number Generator which will provide you with as many random sets of numbers as you require - similar to how a Quick Pick works, except that you can see your numbers before paying for your tickets. Simply open the Number Generator from within the main menu and use the slider to select your game of choice.

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App Overview

This New York Lottery results app is well built, responsive and has everything that the average NY Lottery player could possibly need. The winning numbers appear within the app in just a few seconds after the drawings have taken place so that you can find out in an instant if you've hit the big bucks.

The app comes with built in features that make checking your numbers and buying your tickets as simple as possible. Need some random numbers? Just head over to the Number Generator tab in the menu to get as many sets as you require for any of the games featured.

The checker facility is a clear winner when compared to other similar apps, as it allows you to save and label as many lines of numbers as you require. If you're a more casual player, you can also perform one-off checks on as many sets of numbers as you need. New York Results App iOS QR Code

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App User Reviews

Recent iOS Review

Finally I'm able to see my lotto results without the hassle going to the store. It's convenient.

Simple easy

This is a nice app because it shows all the results extremely simple extremely easy to navigate shows you exactly what you need to see nothing more very easy to scroll down to the next game

Gives me what I need

What I need is a list of results for at least a week. And I need the pay outs also. This app gives it to me in neat format.

Games Included in the App

All major NY Lottery games can be easily switched on or off within the app. On first load you will be prompted to select the games you want to see, but you can amend this choice at any time within the Settings menu.

  • New York Lotto
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Cash 4 Life
  • Take 5
  • Numbers Midday
  • Numbers Evening
  • Win 4 Midday
  • Win 4 Evening
  • Pick 10

Once you've selected the games you want to see, you can use the drag-and-drop feature in the Settings menu to alter the order in which they display on the homepage.

When confirmed, the next jackpot amount for each of these lotteries is shown below the latest results, which is a helpful way of seeing both a brief overview as well as having the option to view a full breakdown.

Custom Notifications

Simply head to the Notifications tab within the Settings to customise the following notification types however you wish. Most are based on a yes/no or slider choice to give you greater control over what you get alerted for.

Latest Numbers

Get an alert as soon as the latest winning numbers are published for your favourite games. You can specify if you wish to be notified for all draws or those on specific days of the week.

Jackpot Limits

Whether it's the NY Lotto or the colossal Powerball and Mega Millions games, you can switch alerts on when the jackpot reaches a certain threshold, ranging from $1 million to $200 million.

Special Events

By enabling Special Event notifications, you'll be able to get notified when truly big events are taking place. Most recently this has involved the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot in July 2022.

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Get Detailed Statistics for Each Game

While the stats aren't available directly within the App, the pop-out menu does offer links to detailed statistical pages on the main website.


Multi-Game Home Screen

Each of the NY lottery draw based games can be added or removed from the home screen

Screenshot of the New York Lottery Numbers App home screen

Detailed Prize Payouts

By tapping the Draw Details button you can see comprehensive winner and prize data

Screenshot of the New York Lottery Numbers App prizes screen

Multi-Line Ticket Checker

Never miss out on a win again with the multi-line ticket checker, useful for lots of tickets

Screenshot of the New York Lottery Numbers App ticket checker